• Curassow Amazon Lodge

    • Iquitos
    • Perú
    • América del Sur
  • Curassow Amazon Lodge

    • The perfect unique getaway in the beautiful Amazonian Rain Forest of Peru.
  • Curassow Amazon Lodge

    • Private bungalows with running water and private bathrooms and showers.
Welcome to Curassow Amazon Lodge

Amazon Tours and Expeditions

Curassow Amazon Lodge is a tour operator based out of Iquitos, Peru, South America. We specialize in Amazon jungle tours, expeditions and adventure vacations in the rainforests of Peru. Our eco tours offer a unique vacation getaway and educational experience for anyone interested in the Amazon Rainforest and eco travels, from families to adventurers.

Your Guided Jungle

Experience Awaits

Curassow Amazon Lodge offers an unforgettable, guided rainforest tour experience directly into the heart of this great frontier. Our Amazon Jungle Lodge (located 81 km or 50 miles south of Iquitos, Perú) offers authentic yet comfortable jungle accommodations deep in the heart of Peru’s Amazon jungle. Call today for more information or request more information or a reservation here.
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Thinking about birding Peru? Look no further than Curassow Lodge, we’ve catalogued hundreds of bird species on our rain forest trail system and around the lodge itself.

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Our Lodge
The Amazon Expeditions lodge is called “Curassow Lodge”. The name Curassow Lodge comes from the name of a rare bird called the Wattled Curassow.

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From monkeys, sloths, pink dolphins and cayman to countless bird species you’ll be amazed at the amount of wildlife you’ll see here at Curassow Lodge. Check out our photo gallery.

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